Watch Ceska Televizie from abroad

The Czech TV channel Česká televize, also known as CT, is not only one TV channel, it is actually four. They have tons of great programs and sports events available, at least if you have a Czech IP address.

If you try to watch Česká televize from outside the Czech Republic you will get an error message telling you that this is not available for you. This message is currently displayed in both Czech and in English. It looks like this.

Ceska television not working

Ceska Televizie error message watching from abroad

Normally it is very easy to bypass such regulations using a VPN service, but in the case of Ceska Televizie it is a bit harder than normal. The challenge is that you need a Czech IP address to be able to watch the TV channels online streams and library from abroad. The solution is therefore to get a Czech IP address, which lots of VPN services offer. However, Ceska Televizie has blocked quite a lot of the IP addresses used by such VPN services, so as I tried to watch the TV channel from abroad only one out of four VPN services worked, and the one working was IPVanish.

Watch Ceska Televizie from abroad with IPVanish

If you want to watch Ceska Televizie from abroad you will therefore need to visit the IPVanish site, make a subscription to their service, download their client and connect to their server in Prague. Once you have done this you only restart your browser and you should be ready to go and able to watch this Czech TV channel from abroad. This is especially useful if you are a sports fanatic, because Ceska Televizie do broadcast lots of sports events such as Champions League matches and other stuff.

To try and watch yourself, visit IPVanish and give it a try. I have not written an IPVanish review yet myself, but you can read another review of the VPN service here.

Ceska Television from outside Czech republic

I am using IPVanish to watch Ceska Televizie from abroad

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