Champions League on CT in 2015-16 as well!

To buy the broadcasting rights for the Champions League is a very expensive thing to do, but it is probably worth it, because it draws hundreds of thousands and millions of viewers to the screens in all the nations of the world.

In the Czech Republic it is really brilliant because there CT will broadcast the Champions League in the upcoming season as well, and even though they do not broadcast all matches on each match day, they do show one match on one of the days, and if a Czech team should be involved they will do so. In the 2015-16 it does not seem like there will be any Czech team actually getting to the first group stage of the Champions League, but if one team should qualify still, then CT will of course broadcast the matches where this team should be present.

Despite the lack of Czech team(s) in the Champions League it is still very interesting, because here you can see as much as five Spanish teams, follow Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Wolfsburg, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus and other great teams, accompanied by smaller teams from smaller nations, so this will be interesting no matter if a Czech team is on or out of the tournament.

Let us anyway cheer for Viktoria Plzen as they are about to play against Maccabi Tel Aviv again on August 5th, and with a victory in this match they will take a giant step towards the Champions League group stage. They will of course have to play a fourth qualification match as well, but knowing the strength of the team and their ability never really to loose a Champions League qualification match, this can go the way!

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