Watch the Winter Olympics on Ceska Televizie from abroad!

Sochi live on Czech TVCeska Televizie will be broadcasting from the Winter Olympics in Sochi, and even though you might think that the Czech Republic is a little and cute nation in the middle of Europe, they have one of the best live programs of all TV channels available online.

For the Winter Olympics Ceska Televizie have at most 6 different channels which can be followed online at which you can watch the Winter Olympics. That means you will not miss out on one single event if you follow the Winter Games at Ceska Televizie.

The exact address at which you can see an overview of everything going on, and at the same time choose exactly what you want to see is:

You can just visit the site, and make yourself ready for a real party of some Winter Games.

Watching Ceska Televizie online from abroad

If you try to watch the streams from outside the Czech Republic you might bump into some problems, often known as a geo-block. You will need a Czech IP address for this to work, and that is luckily not as complicated at it sounds. You can read more about watching Ceska Televizie from abroad here and getting a Czech IP address here.